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Payday Loan: how to apply from abroad

In this article you will find some very useful information if you are Italian resident abroad. Receiving a loan abroad is not particularly easy, but there are valid solutions that can be for you. So let’s see how to apply for payday loans outside Italy, with the main financing options available.

Payday loans abroad: what are the main problems

To date, many are forced to “flee” from our country in search of a valid job opportunity. For this reason it is important to deal with this particular category of potential clients for banks and financial institutions. In the event that an Italian resident abroad is looking for a payday loan, is it possible to do so without any problem? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no, but fortunately there are some valid solutions that will allow you to get the amount you want. There are several reasons why different lenders are not willing to offer loans abroad. The distance between the applicant and the bank’s headquarters that must provide the financing is a considerable problem.

First of all, we must consider that not all banks offer their customers the possibility of requesting a payday loan without having to go to a branch. Despite the strong digitization of the banking world, with the development of online services through which you can manage your account directly from your home pc, for the loan application sometimes it is still necessary to go in person to sign the contract. This is because for the bank these are rather delicate transactions, for which it is therefore necessary to verify in person the identity of the applicant and carry out the evaluation of the creditworthiness. Despite this there are several banks that offer their customers the Internet Banking service, to perform any kind of transaction related to their account in a simple click. Regarding the request for online funding, this is usually only possible in the case of pre-assessed customers, ie those who may have already received a payday loan from the same bank and are therefore deemed reliable.

The first problem of loans for residents abroad is therefore that of the request. Despite this, those who do not have the possibility to go to a branch of the bank present in Italy will still be able to overcome this problem thanks to the Internet Banking services made available by various banks. However, it is not only the problem that makes it difficult to access a loan from abroad. Residency outside our country constitutes a further risk for the bank that must provide the loan itself. It is no coincidence that this is one of the fundamental requirements that is reported on the regulation of payday loans of all the major banks and financial institutions. The reason for this restriction is very simple, and concerns the possible non-payment of installments by the customer who received the loan. In the case of residents abroad, it is much more difficult for the bank to proceed by legal means in order to obtain the reimbursement that is due to it.

How to apply for payday loans from abroad : necessary guarantees

We have therefore seen that requesting a loan from abroad is not particularly simple. In this article, however, we want to analyze the possible solutions that allow us to get around the problems described above and get the desired amount of money. On the basis of what has been said so far, it should be noted that the best solution for all living abroad is to contact one of the local banks. In this way the mode of request will be in all respects similar to those that we find in Italy for payday loans. So in case you live permanently outside of Italy you should not contact an Italian bank. The problem, however, arises when your situation is that of a temporary residence outside Italy. In this case a lot depends on the form of financing you are interested in, in particular from the point of view of the duration of the loan.

In the event that the duration of the loan is not particularly long or in any case your idea is to stay in your country of residence longer than the duration itself, then the following is valid: the best solution is to contact one of the local banks or financial institutions. If instead you plan to return to Italy before the full repayment of the loan you are interested in then the situation changes. This is the case when you need a payday loan from abroad . How to apply for a loan from abroad in Italy? First of all, for the financing of this type all the rules of the classic payday loan apply. So it is essential to have an income from work or a pension from which to deduct the repayment installment that will be fixed each month. Without this fundamental requirement, it will be impossible to access the loan abroad.

As you probably already know, for classic payday loans, employees and retirees do not need additional guarantees, given that it will be enough to pay the pensioner’s salary or payslip. In the case of loans from abroad, however, this is not enough, because as we said the bank must be protected in case of insolvency. For this reason, in order to access the financing, it is necessary to present a guarantor residing in Italy. So a relative or a friend can allow you to get the amount of money you need, guaranteeing for you. The guarantor must take responsibility for any unpaid repayment installments by the beneficiary of the loan. However, this is only a guarantee that the bank needs to protect itself from any non-repayment. Considering that the repayment installments are automatically deducted from the salary or pension, unless there are unwelcome surprises, the guarantor will never be called into question.



What is a payday loan without certificates?

We can get a payday loan from banks and non-bank institutions. Currently, they compete with each other attractive offers to attract customers. payday loans without certificates have become more and more popular – an offer that is intended for those seeking quick financial support without unnecessary formalities. What is worth knowing about it?

Many of us take out a payday loan and associate it with the necessity of collecting a whole pile of documents. For many years, banks have been reluctant to lend and only those who met certain, very strict requirements have received them. One of them was the need to provide a certificate of income from the employer – the document was a certificate of employment and indicated the amount of earnings.

A payday loan without statements – in and out of the bank

Today the situation is different. payday loans have become more easily available thanks to more favorable conditions. This is due, among other things, to the fact that more and more Poles began to work on the basis of civil-law contracts – contracts for specific tasks and contracts of mandate. An employment contract for an indefinite period is still preferred, but we can also get a payday loan without it.

Banks also began to offer payday loans without certificates for their regular customers. In this way, we can receive money on-line. As the bank has access to our income and expenditure data, it can also lend us money without the need to provide additional documents.

It is also worth mentioning non-bank payday loans – these are popular payday payday loans and installment payday loans, which are granted on more favorable terms than bank payday loans. Customers often do not have to provide any documents when the payday loan amount is low. That is why such payday loans are often said to be only for evidence.

Where for a good payday loan without certificates?

Basically, the offers are numerous, so we should become familiar with the various to find something interesting. Of course, it is also worth remembering that sometimes we are limited by the terms of the payday loan . For example, when in the past we had problems with repayment of obligations, which was noted in BIK, then at the bank we can receive a refusal decision. In turn, we will be able to take a non-banking payday loan without any certificates, including via the internet.

Online payday loans without the need to present certificates are very popular today. Together with them, we get access to funds without leaving home. We can apply for a payday loan now – from your computer. Then we pass a special identity verification and after just a few minutes we can get a decision.

In summary, a payday loan without certificates is a very good proposal for people who value their time, as well as for those who may have difficulty getting a regular payday loan that requires the presentation of certificates. Thanks to the richness of the offers, everyone can choose one that meets their requirements fully – now also completely via the Internet, which is the most convenient form of borrowing money.